Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

If you pay attention to the news or current economic trends, you may have heard some outlets reporting that now is a terrible time to shop for a vehicle. While it is a fact that car prices have risen, the need for reliable automobiles never goes away. With that in mind, you may be one of many people who need to buy a car now. So, is now a good time to buy a car? Yes! If you consider all of your options carefully, it is almost never a bad idea to make a necessary automotive upgrade.

In fact, now might be the perfect time to upgrade your New Orleans commuter. Why? Because the current automotive resale market is incredibly strong. This means you can score a great offer on your current vehicle when you make a trade at a dealership. With the added value of your current vehicle, you might end up saving more now than if you had tried to upgrade your Mandeville travels years ago! Read on with Ray Brandt INFINITI of Metairie if you’re eager to buy a car now!

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

Unfortunately, the simple fact is that new car prices have risen over the past few years. Global supply chain issues have taken a toll on the automotive industry. So, if getting the lowest price available is your sole mission, then you might consider buying a pre-owned car. However, it’s also important to consider your other priorities while shopping. Do you need the latest towing specs to help you tackle work tasks? Can your new car upgrade wait?

Along with securing an improved drive with innovative capabilities, shopping for a new car can sometimes be financially savvy. Think about the situation when your vehicle is in need of constant repairs. If you’re spending more each month on maintenance than the monthly cost of a new car, it makes more sense to upgrade. Additionally, at Ray Brandt INFINITI of Metairie, you can find a range of generous new vehicle specials to make shopping more budget-friendly!

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

If you’re ready to buy a car now, shopping used is always a great way to get a great value. But, is now a good time to buy a car from the pre-owned market? Absolutely! The pre-owned market is currently filled with tons of attractive options. Why? Since so many drivers are shopping used, inventory is revolving rapidly. As such, many of the available options are models that are coming off of prior leases. This results in newer models that have low miles being sold for less!

Is Now a Good Time to Trade In a Car?

As we’ve established that now is still a great time to buy, it makes sense that now is also a great time to sell! Since used cars are worth more now than ever before, you can make a great profit by trading in to your favorite dealer. That added value can make your upgrade fit comfortably with your bottom line.

Say you’re considering buying a new INFINITI for $40,000. Usually, you can expect that model to sell for closer to $42,000 in a retail setting. When you then add the extra value you’re getting from your trade, you can come out ahead of the game in the end!

Upgrade in Metairie Today!

Has the time come for you to trade in your old ride and upgrade to a better driving experience? If so, our expert team can help you hit the Kenner streets in a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget. If you have lingering questions about how to begin your car shopping journey, contact us today!


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